To Your Success...

To Your Success! That’s the business mission of Real Estate Professionals Inc. We enjoy nothing more than talking with real estate professionals and those entering the profession about what it takes to be more successful and how to continually evolve our company so we support agents to perform at their very best.

When we first discuss you and your career, we start with the most important questions. What are your goals? What would you like to accomplish? What are you most passionate about? How can your real estate company better help support you?

We start with these questions and then we listen. We listen deeply. Why? Because we are truly a company built to help real estate agents succeed. That is our core leadership principle, and we are always striving to improve to better serve you, the high quality, dedicated real estate professional.

Make no mistake. Not everyone can join the team. Not everyone fits in. And this is to your advantage. If you want to be surrounded by hard working, success-minded, helpful and fun people, you’re in the right place.

The company was founded by two top producing real estate pros who know what it’s like to be high-performing agents. They know the best way to help agents is not through endless rules and procedures and tedious meetings, but instead through an environment that helps support you and provides the growth opportunity so you can reach your full potential.

It all starts with a wonderful office environment. Those who work here feel right at home. We’re not small by any means but it still feels like family. We have a delightful support staff that is always willing to help nice people. We are a team that helps each other and is passionate about providing the highest quality real estate service to our clients. We are part of Aventure Realty Network, an outstanding relocation network. We offer supportive management with the right focus.

As they say, it starts at the top. This has never been more true than in the case of co-owners Ken Lamb and Maria Corley. They call it the “coach approach” and that sets the tone for the entire company. Ken and Maria are real estate veterans with a veracious appetite for education, learning and improving. They love nothing more than sharing their experience and knowledge to help make you better. This creates a culture at Real Estate Professionals Inc. where agents can stay on the cutting edge and learn the best practices to perform at the highest level. Always.

If you are a top quality agent or an entrepreneur looking at the opportunity found in a career in real estate and you think the culture of success at Real Estate Professionals Inc. sounds interesting, let’s chat about the possibilities of working together. Please email or call Ken Lamb.