At Real Estate Professionals The Name Says it All

Real estate was a lot different when Ken Lamb first entered the business more than 35 years ago. The industry was less sophisticated, there was no real sense of professionalism or accountability, and service was hit or miss at best. Ken realized right then that he could either be part of the problem or part of the solution. True to his personality, he chose the latter and the end result was the creation of Real Estate Professionals Inc.

Today, Real Estate Professionals Inc. offers an elevated level of service and professionalism to home buyers, sellers and investors throughout Greater Calgary. In the years since its inception, the company has continually met its lofty goals, pushed for constant improvement and set the standard for real estate excellence. Most importantly, people responded. The company grew to include multiple offices and many of the leading agents throughout the region. Ken says it’s simply a matter of choosing the right people to join his ever-evolving organization.

“There’s a big difference between just having a real estate license and truly acting as a real estate professional,” Ken explains. “When you work with Real Estate Professionals Inc., we strive to have that difference come shining through each and every step of the way.”